X-Men:First Generation Season 3
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Some of the key plot points are;

  • Jean returning as the Phoenix.
  • The loss of Warren's wing's, apparent death and eventual alliance with Sinister.


Principle Cast

Recurring Characters

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# Image Title
01 Rise Of The Phoenix-40 Rise Of The Phoenix
Three months after Jean's death, Scott begins having nightmares and hearing Jean's voice. Not able to take it anymore, Scott goes to Jamaica Bay the place of her death, but is followed by his girlfriend Emma Frost.
02 250px Birds Prey
The Dark Phoenix has taken over Jean's mind and ruthlessly kills Emma and injures Scott after seeing the two together. Scott still distraught over Emma's death, refuses to hurt Jean, when Professor X concludes that they must kill Jean to destroy the Phoenix inside her.
03 250px Life Stops And Starts
Emma returns to life, but at a cost, the X-Men killed Jean while the Dark Phoenix had taken control of her. Though alive Emma remains in a coma, Scott still dealing with troublesome the week, heads out to a local bar to cope with his problems, but things get ugly while he's there.
04 250px ?
Weeks later, Emma has recovered from her coma and begins to get her life back on track with Scott, as Warren and Alison decide to be non-exclusive. Meanwhile the New Mutants argue over who should be their "leader" causing a scuffle amongst Sam and Roberto.
05 250px ?
06 250px ?
07 250px ?
08 250px ?
09 250px ?
10 250px Tunnels Of Blood
Mr. Sinister orders his Marauders to kill the sewer living Morlocks, to prevent them from getting in the way of his plan. The X-Men join in on the battle to help protect the Morlocks. In the process several X-Men members get severely injured, as well as multiple Morlocks getting murdered.
11 250px ?
With many members still dealing with effects of The Marauders attack on the Morlocks,
12 250px ?
13 250px ?
14 250px ?
15 250px ?
16 250px ?
17 250px ?
Professor X finds frightening information about the possibility of government made Sentinel's being created to take out Mutants. Warren leaves town on his private jet with Candy Southern, but the plane ride doesn't end well.
18 250px Everybody Hurts
Members of team mourn Warren's death, some take it harder then others, but some believe he can't really be dead.
19 250px ?
20 250px ?
21 250px The Arrival
22 250px ?
23 250px ?


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  • Events take place between September 2008 and June 2009.