X-Men:First Generation Season 2
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Season Two of X-Men:First Generation. The season comprises of 22 episodes.



The season chronicles ?. Some of the key plot points are;

  • The X-Men's fight against the Hellfire Club.
  • Jean's concern with her increasingly growing power.
  • The New Mutants
  • Wolverine's mysterious past.
  • Jean and Scott's increasingly strained relationship. Leading to Scott and Emma's psychic affair.
  • David Xavier, the son of Charles and Moira Xavier, joining the X-Men.


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# Image Title
01 201X-men The New Kids In Town
A new school year begins at the Xavier Institute with a number of new teenage students, that were recruited over the summer, which leads to more chaos at the mansion. Jean begins having trouble with her powers, Magneto is in prison and an old foe resurfaces.
02 250px ?
Professor Xavier suspects Magneto may be behind an attack of a police officer and former colleague of Bishop's in downtown New York City, carried out by a small group of mutants. Meanwhile, Logan, Ororo, Remy and Rogue are given the task of training the New Mutants. Scott and Jean talk of marriage.
03 Android Apocalypse (32) Luck Is A Bitch
Longshot, a mutant with an insurmountable amount of "luck" and member of an underground fight club called Mojoworld that is broadcasted on the internet, gets in trouble with his boss when he refuses to throw a fight and to square his dept is hired to kill the X-Men.
04 Ta109hd1464 Mate For Life
Warren gets kidnapped by Callisto and the Morlocks, as she wishes to make him her mate, causing Alison to panic. Meanwhile, Jean's powers start to spiral out of control, Bobby pursues one of the newer recruits, Hank begins teaching biology and the New Mutants trash the Danger Room.
05 250px Smells Like Teen Spirit
Professor X punishes several of the New Mutants after their recent reckless behavior. Hank gets set up on a blind date. Remy, Rogue and Forge attend a football game. Scott and Jean get into a fight, and Warren gets into trouble with his parents. Meanwhile, the threat of the Hellfire Club becomes real.
06 [[Image:|250px]] Through Hellfire And Brimstone
The X-Mansion is invaded by the Hellfire Club in the middle of the night. With a majority of the team taken off guard while asleep, the battle doesn't end well.
07 104FridayNightLights512 ?
As Jean's powers continue taking control of her, Jean gives Scott bad attitude which sets him off and they begin not talking. While Warren and Alison grow closer, Warren helps Alison try to track down her long lost mother and estranged father. Meanwhile, Charles feels threatened by the return of Moira's ex, whom she's pleased to see.
08 [[Image:|250px]] ?
As Charles adapts to Sean staying at the Institute, Moira gets used to it and begins spending a lot of time with Sean, creating conflict. Alison and Warren head home after their failed search of finding her parents. Meanwhile, Alex and Monet go out on a date, and Scott and Jean's problems get worse.
09 250px ?
After several reported break ins at Government Organizations in New York, Professor X seeing a pattern decides the X-Men should prepare to stake out at the next potential buildings and find out who is responsible. Meanwhile, Jean, Moira and Charles discuss her recent trouble with her powers and Logan plans to leave to Canada to learn about his past.
10 250px ?
Emma invites the X-Men to a Hellfire Club party to settle their differences. As expected, however, it is a ploy staged by the Inner Circle, but the X-Men aren't their only targets, ending the night in injuries and death.
11 250px ?
After their battle with the Hellfire Club the X-Men take in the badly wounded Emma Frost and the rest of her living Hellions. Meanwhile Logan travels to Canada in hopes to unravel more from his troubled past.
12 Wolverine-224 ?
Most members of the X-Men still frustrated with Professor Xavier's decision to bring in one of their bigger foes causes a big argument amongst the team, while some support it. Professor assigns Emma to help Scott control his powers, Alex, looks into street racing, Remy and Rogue argue, and Hank runs into a problem with his reporter girlfriend.
13 103FridayNightLights0417 ?
While Logan continues searching for answers, he runs into an old enemy. Scott and Emma, begin to bond, Hank avoids his girlfriend, Forge pursues Ororo, angering Lucas, and Charles professes his wish for more children. Meanwhile, Remy considers skipping town, and Kitty becomes torn between Bobby and Peter again.
14 Wolverine-204 ?
As Scott and Emma grow closer, she begins to find out more from his past, to determine what's creating his mental blocks. While Jean continues to grow more insecure, Logan returns home and Ororo asks Lucas if they can take a break. Charles and Moira discuss bringing in their son. Meanwhile, Warren gets cut off from the family business.
15 [[Image:|250px]] Where Do We Go From Here?
Emma finally manages to convince Scott to control his powers and in the process take their relationship to the next level by sharing a kiss, while Kitty breaks up with Bobby over her feelings for Peter. Jean turns to Professor X for help, but gets no answers as he is still dealing with Sean residing at the Mansion. Meanwhile, Forge looks into his Indian heritage.
16 Wolverine-216 The Perfect Mistake
Charles confronts Sean over his lingering feelings for Moira, and asks him to leave the Institute. Scott contemplates telling Jean about the growing relationship between him and Emma during dinner, but gets cold feet and turns to Emma instead, leading to another intimate moment between the two. Meanwhile, Logan begins training Kitty and Jubilee, while Remy and Rogue reconnect.
17 250px The Arrival
Charles and Moira's powerful son David, comes to live at the Institute, causing trouble amongst Scott and Alex. After spending the night with Emma, Jean confronts Scott about where he was, leading to a heated argument. Meanwhile, Moira comes to forgive Charles over how he handled ridding Sean. While Logan learns an important dark secret from his past and Jean witnesses Scott and Emma flirting with each other, and decides to spend the night with Logan again.
18 250px ?
As Logan, continues his training with Kitty and Jubilee, he begins to have intense flashbacks. David begins to get on others nerves with his attitude. Scott and Emma continue to sneak around. Meanwhile, Remy reassures Rogue that not having a physical relationship is okay with him, Bobby asks Jubilee out on a date, and Jean and Scott break up.
19 [[Image:|250px]] ?
Following Scott and Jean's breakup, Scott asks Emma for space, while Jean leans on Logan. Remy and Rogue share a passionate kiss that nearly puts him in a coma, leaving her unsure about staying with him over guilt. Meanwhile, Emma turns to Warren with her problems. Kitty and Peter go on a date and the New Mutants continue to train in the Danger Room.
20 250px ?
Charles lays down some rules to David over his recent attitude, as Scott turns to Moira and Alex with his relationship issues. Meanwhile, Warren and Emma spend more time together, Bobby and Peter get into a fight and The Hellfire Club lay out their plan.
21 250px It Happens To The Best Of Us
After asking for space Scott realizes what he wants and Emma wants the same, while professing strong words. Peter and Bobby settle their issues with Kitty and ask her to choose between them, while Jean and Emma try to settle their differences, only to end up in a fight. David continues his obnoxious attitude, as Moira takes a pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Logan and Jean head out for the night, while The Hellfire Club strike again.
22 Jean-5 Phoenix Cries
The Hellfire Club prepare to harvest Jean's supposed unlimited power after kidnapping her. Upon learning what happened from Logan, the rest of the X-Men prepare to find Jean at all costs and a member of the team seals their unexpected fate.


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  • Events take place between August 2007 and May 2008.