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Season One of X-Men:First Generation. The season comprises of 22 episodes.



The season chronicles the creation of the X-Men. Some of the key plot points are;


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01 S1-E1 Pilot
Charles Xavier and his X-Men must stop his old friend Magneto and his newly formed Brotherhood at a Government Weapons Manufacture. Meanwhile, a threatening organization may be more dangerous then originally believed.
02 S1e02 Icecapades-12 Icecapades
After Bobby Drake uses his Mutant powers against a bully at school, the X-Men must save him before the people in his neighborhood turn against him.
03 GHHD-09-28-11705... Up In Smoke
The X-Men go to Germany to recruit a young mutant on the run from the police for a murder he was accidentally responsible for.
04 Da221 0134 yellow Up In Smoke, Part 2
Things turn ugly in Germany as the Brotherhood are also there to recruit Kurt Wagner.
05 Steel-3 Tough As Steel
A few days after returning home to New York, Professor Xavier, using Cerebro, discovers a Mutant with a unique ability and goes to recruit him. Meanwhile, Warren and Candy attend a Hellfire Club party.
06 250px As We Phase Through The Shadows
A few weeks after the new students have a chance to settle in, the X-Men go to Chicago, Illinois to recruit, Kitty Pryde, who has just discovered her Mutant phasing powers. But they're not the only ones interested in her.
07 S1e07 110 Unexpected Reunions
Professor Xavier's best friend, Hunter Golmen, comes to visit, which leads to some awkward moments with the others. Meanwhile, both Bobby and Peter via for Kitty's affection.
08 250px All Memories Fade Away
When an nineteen-year-old girl is forced to leave her family in Mississippi after putting her boyfriend in a coma by kissing him, the X-Men go there to recruit her. However, the Brotherhood also have their eyes set on her.
09 617Smallville0821 Stop The Unstoppable
Professor Xavier's step-brother, Kane Marco, begins robbing store's in Manhattan in an attempt to get his brothers attention, forcing the X-Men to stop the powerful Mutant.
10 250px The Light Show
Warren visits a popular New York night club and bumps into a girl who's in dire need of help from the renowned Hellfire Club. While there Warren runs into a friend. Meanwhile, the X-Men train their new recruits for their possible upcoming battle with Magneto and the Brotherhood.
11 Wolverine-165 Uncaged Animal
Professor Xavier and the X-Men head up north to Canada to recruit the highly skilled, but dangerous Wolverine. However, Sabretooth, an old enemy of his and member of the Brotherhood doesn't intend to let him have the choice. Meanwhile, Magneto begins building Avalon and Hank and Ororo decide to break things off.
12 Danger Room-1 Troubling Argumentum
While in the Danger Room, Scott and Logan butt heads over Scott's leadership capabilities and is surprised when Jean tells him to cut Logan some slack. Hank and Ororo talk about their breakup and Kitty helps Bobby fix his computer.
13 250px Unresolved Obstacles
Professor Xavier leaves with Moira to attend a seminar for the weekend, leaving Scott in charge. While away, tensions begin to build between Scott and Logan over his feelings for Jean, leaving the rest of the team in the middle.
14 S1e14-00057 Sound Barrier
The X-Men are attacked at the mansion by an Irish Mutant with Sonic Screams sent by the Brotherhood to destroy Cerebro. However, things may not be what they appear. Meanwhile, Ororo meets someone at Starbucks and Jean admits she may have feelings for Logan.
15 Wolverine-240 Fighting To Get Along
After witnessing Logan and Jean kiss, Scott confronts Logan, leading to an altercation between the two. Professor Xavier decides to make them settle their differences by forcing them to work together in the Danger Room alone.
16 Gambit-6 Ace Of Spades
When Professor Xavier finds out that a Mutant in New Orleans has been stealing schematics to government buildings and selling them to the Brotherhood, a small team is dispatched to apprehend him. However, Magneto senses the move and has Sabretooth sent to silence the mutant before he has the chance to tell them anything.
17 121Hellcats0118 Searching For Answers
Remy remembers a place where he thinks the Brotherhood might be and he along with the other X-Men go to see what they can find out. Jean and Scott decide to take a break, Warren gets into an argument with his father and Ororo tells Lucas about her powers, and gets a surprise of her own.
18 Littleliars02 001133 Fireworks
The X-Men travel to Hollywood, California to recruit a young Mutant named Jubilation Lee who is an orphan living in a shopping mall.
19 101VampireDiaries1038 Fight In The Night
Some of the younger members of the team decide to throw a bonfire in the backyard of the mansion, however, things get out of hand when Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch crash the party. Meanwhile, Jean chooses who she wants to be with and Logan gets into a fight with anti-mutant thugs at a bar.
20 PDVD 040 Never Ending Chess Game
The Brotherhood go to two different top secret S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters in hopes of finding the final component needed to finish Magneto's immensely large War Ship, Avalon. The X-Men plan to stop them once and for all, but must to decide which base to go to.
21 [[Image:|150px]] Avalon Part 1
Magneto sets his final goal in motion, to eradicate all of Humanity using his Magnetically controlled War Ship called Avalon. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. gets involved and convinces the X-Men to work alongside the Avengers to stop Magneto.
22 [[Image:|250px]] Avalon Part 2
Once on board the ship, the X-Men must fight through the Brotherhood and stop Magneto before the ship reaches New York City.


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  • Events take place between August 2006 and April 2007.