The Kingpin
Biographical Information
Full name Wilson Grant Fisk
Year of Birth March 13, 1951
Place of Birth New York City, New York
Died No Information
Current Alias Kingpin
Aliases The Brain Washer, Harold Howard, Wilbur
Nicknames No Information
Physical Information
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Species Human
Unusual Features No Information
Family Information
Family Anatoly Fisk (grandfather, deceased)
Edna Fisk (grandmother, deceased)
Anthony Fisk (father, deceased)
Signora Fisk (mother)
Vanessa Fisk (wife, deceased)
Richard Fisk (son)
Marital Status Widower
Alignment Bad
Identity Public Identity
Citizenship American
Occupation Crime Lord
CEO of Fisk Enterprises
Education No Information
Status Alive
Base Of Operations New York City, New York
Affiliation Leader of a coalition of East Coast non-Maggia criminal organizations
Episode Count
First Appearance No Information
Latest Appearance No Information
Appearances S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6
"They have the men, the guns, the money. But I am the Kingpin."
―Wilson Fisk[src]

Wilson Fisk (better known as the Kingpin) was a corrupt businessman and crime-lord. Fisk's criminal organizations are primarily located in New York City and has crossed paths with many heroes, particularity Daredevil.

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―Wilson Fisk[src]



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