Killer Croc
Placeholder person
Biographical Information
Full name Waylon Jones
Year of Birth {{{born}}}
Place of Birth {{{birthplace}}}
Died {{{died}}}
Current Alias Killer Croc
Aliases {{{aliases}}}
Nicknames The Croc Man
Physical Information
Gender Male
Height {{{height}}}
Hair color {{{hair}}}
Eye color green
Ethnicity green
Species Human(Mutate)
Unusual Features {{{unusual features}}}
Family Information
Family {{{family}}}
Marital Status singel
Alignment bad
Identity secret
Citizenship {{{citizenship}}}
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Education {{{education}}}
Status {{{home}}}
Base Of Operations {{{base of operations}}}
Affiliation {{{Affiliation}}}
Episode Count
First Appearance {{{first appearance}}}
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Appearances {{{Appearances}}}

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