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01 601Smallville0727 Zone
Clark must escape the Phantom Zone, a Kryptonian jail. Corrupted by his new found abilities, Lex is convinced by Brainiac to begin to turn Earth into a Krypton-like planet using the alien ship's hard drive. After Lois and Martha's plane crashes near the Fortress of Solitude, Jor-El tells Martha how to stop Lex and Brainiac. Chloe reunites with an old flame, Jimmy Olsen.
02 602Smallville0845 Sneeze
Clark's sneezing manifests into a new power - super breath! Meanwhile, Lois lands a job at the Daily Planet, Lex is abducted after displaying superhuman powers in the public eye, Lana moves in with Lex and there's a new visitor in Metropolis called Oliver Queen.
03 402Smallville1162 Wither
Clark and Chloe pursue a superhuman who uses male human bodies as potting mix to procreate. The stakes just get higher when Jimmy Olsen gets all tied up by the Plant Lover. Meanwhile, Lex throws a charity ball and things intensify between Oliver and Lois, and Lana and Lex.
04 604Smallville0939 Arrow
Clark unravels the truth about who Oliver Queen really is, just as Oliver discovers Clark's abilities. Meanwhile, Green Arrow is on a rampage, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.
05 609Smallville1113 Subterranean
Clark discovers that his neighbor, Jed McNally, is holding migrant laborers captive and forcing them to work on his farm. Feeling guilty since he sees himself as the ultimate illegal immigrant, Clark seeks help from Martha to allow a young boy and his mother to stay in the country.
06 607Smallville0868 Rage
Clark and Chloe discover that Oliver Queen has been taking a special drug that has miraculous healing effects, while causing him to act erratically. Meanwhile, Lana makes a shocking discovery and Lois suggests Clark apply for an internship at the Daily Planet.
07 SV407-1142 Fallout
It's Clark's first day at the Daily Planet with Lois, and the pair are immediately thrown together on a story when a bus explodes outside the office. Meanwhile, Lex and Lana's relationship entangle deceit and double standards and Lois helps Clark pick out an apartment in Metropolis.
08 610Smallville0722 Hydro
Daily Planet gossip columnist Linda Lake has the ability to turn herself into water and uses it to secretly overhear conversations for her column. Meanwhile, Lois begins to suspect Oliver is the Green Arrow and enlists Clark's help to prove it.
09 608Smallville0885 Static
Clark confronts the Mutant Aldar. Enter Martian Manhunter. Meanwhile, Lex encounters a metahuman seeking revenge for being a lab rat.
10 611Smallville1002 Justice
The beginnings of the Justice League forms, including Impulse, Aquaman, Cyborg, and led by the Green Arrow. Clark discovers what team work really is as the Justice League blows the lid off Project 33.1.
11 250px Freak
Tobias Rice was blinded in the second meteor shower, but he was left with the ability to sense other superhumans. Chloe is kidnapped and revealed to be a latent mutant. Meanwhile, Lex secretly purchases the Daily Planet, and appoints his assistant Tess Mercer as Editor-In-Chief.
12 622Smallville1059 Changeling
Martian Manhunter returns to help Clark stop Lex, who is attempting to use Clark's DNA to create a clone called Project: Changeling. Meanwhile, Lois goes to Reeves Dam in search of information about Lex's secret lab and is brutally stabbed by a security guard. Chloe's secret power is revealed.
13 Smallville.S07E01.DVDRip.XviD-ORPHEUS.avi 001912120 Bizarro
Clark confronts Bizarro, the clone of himself created by Lex. Their battle causes the dam to break, bringing Lex close to death and Chloe comes back to life after being pronounced dead.
14 250px Promise
On the day of Lex and Lana's wedding, Lex receives a threatening call from Dr. Langston. Lana begins to have second thoughts about marrying Lex and tries to back out, but Lionel Luthor steps in.
15 Identity Identity
Jimmy snaps a picture of Clark super-speeding to save Lois from a mugger and manages to catch a red and blue blur on film. Jimmy shows it to Tess who decides to run it on the front page of the Daily Planet. Clark fears his identity will be discovered so he asks Chloe to run interference with Jimmy, but she has a better idea. Meanwhile, Lex becomes interested in The Red-Blue Blur and Lana receives terrible news.
16 250px Hero
Pete Ross comes to Metropolis and unwittingly chews some kryptonite-laced gum, causing him to develop stretching powers. Lex discovers his powers and blackmails him into helping him find out who the Blur is by threatening to reveal Chloe's secret.
17 418Smallville0594 Siren
Chloe is attacked by the Black Canary, a mysterious woman with a subsonic cry. Under the direction of Lex, the Black Canary launches an attack on the Green Arrow and The Blur.
18 250px Followup
Lex puts increased effort into finding out who the Red-Blue Blur is and has Tess help him by bugging everyone's computers at the Daily Planet. Meanwhile, Clark and Lois grow closer during a story and Lana and Lex's marriage worsens.
19 BD-S-9748 Bats
While tracking a Serial killer called Magpie to Gotham City, Clark runs into Batman and discovers that The Dark Knight is really his old friend Bruce Wayne, while Bruce learns Clark is The Blur. Meanwhile, Lex starts to uncover Project Traveler, a Project created by Lionel devoted to all his findings regarding Clark.
20 250px Descent
The secrets of Project Traveler leads Lex in a dangerous direction that will put Clark and Lex in each others crosshairs. There is a major power struggle and someone dies.
21 SV717-5044 Sleeper
Lois and Clark follow a lead to find out who is responsible for the deaths of several women in the back alley of a local diner. Later, it is revealed to be a busboy working at the diner who becomes obsessed with Lois and holds her captive. Meanwhile, Chloe and Jimmy get caught between Lex and the Department of Security.
22 SV720-2285 Arctic
Lana tells Lex she is leaving him, Lex learns Clark is both the Red-Blue Blur and an alien from a different planet after going to the Fortress to learn how to defeat him. Chloe is arrested by the Department of Domestic Security and Clark and Lex face off in the Fortress after Lex learns Clark's secret.


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  • Events take place between April 2003 and May 2004.