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01 501Smallville0395 Arrival
Clark is transported to the North Pole after he unites the Stones of Power in the Kawatche Caves. The Disciples of Zod arrive in their Black Ship. Lois helps the Kents after their home is badly damaged by the second meteor shower.
02 503Smallville0784 Hidden
When those closest to him are taken hostage to force him to recover a serum from LuthorCorp's Level 3, Clark and Chloe must save the day. Lex and Clark's friendship abruptly comes to an end.
03 504Smallville0814 Aqua
Lois hits her head while diving and is saved by a mysterious swimmer, Arthur Curry, who wants to break into the LuthorCorp Marine Center to destroy a weapon that could destroy all the marine life. When he is captured, Clark saves him and helps to ruining the deal Lex has been brokering. Clark finally finds himself unable to trust Lex.
04 250px Thirst
Lana decides to enroll at Metropolis University at the last minute and is forced to join a sorority to find housing at such a late date. Chloe applies for an internship at the Daily Planet and writes a story about Lana's new mysterious sorority sisters and their leader, Buffy Sanders. Milton Fine reveals his evil side and superhuman powers when he kills Lex's bodyguard.
05 506Smallville0993 Exposed
Jack Jennings, an incumbent State Senator, comes to Smallville to visit his old friend Jonathan. However, after a young stripper turns up dead, it is revealed that she was Jennings' mistress, which makes him the prime suspect. Searching for answers, Chloe, Lois, and Clark launch an investigation, but Lois is kidnapped by the murderer.
06 507Smallville0988 Splinter
Clark is exposed to a new to kind of meteor rock, silver kryptonite, causing him to have paranoid delusions about those around him. The silver kryptonite makes him believe that Chloe is going to reveal his secret, Jonathan is scheming against him with Lionel, and Lex and Lana are having a secret relationship. Chloe and the Kents frantically search for a cure, but it is Professor Fine who comes to Clark's rescue.
07 250px Solitude
When Martha comes down with a strange disease, Professor Fine convinces Clark that Jor-El is responsible and that the Fortress of Solitude must be destroyed to save her life. However, Professor Fine has an ulterior motive which comes to fruition when they arrive.
08 250px Fanatic
The Senatorial race between Jonathan and Lex heats up when Jonathan receives an anonymous threat warning him to drop out of the election.
09 509Smallville0084 Lexaween
Lex considers whether to turn an operative loose to obtain or fake damaging information against Jonathan to upset his Senatorial race. But when Lex is shot, he falls into a coma and is visited by the ghost of his mother, who shows him what his life could be like if he frees himself from his father. Meanwhile, Clark helps deliver candy to needy children.
10 511Smallville0569 Lockdown
Lex and Lana are at the mercy of a deranged Smallville deputy who plans to keep them captive until Lex reveals the location of the Kryptonian spaceship. Meanwhile, the Kents can't see eye-to-eye on campaign financing.
11 X12reckoning720pmkv 002537538 Reckoning
Jonathan and Lex learn the results of the senatorial election. Clark makes a fateful decision to reveal his secret to Lana, but Jor-El's prediction that Clark will lose a loved one forever comes to pass.
12 Vengeance 17 Vengeance
Clark and Chloe discover that a bespectacled, bumbling woman named Helena Bertinelli-- is actually a masked avenger who fights crime at night. Meanwhile, Clark's bottled-up grief threatens to get the best of him.
13 514Smallville0042 Tomb
Chloe seemingly attempts suicide, but she denies this and insists she saw a ghost. Lana and Lex try to transfer her to Belle Reve, but Clark breaks her out of the hospital first. When they find the body of a young girl in the walls of the Talon, a mysterious amulet on the body transfers the girl's spirit into Chloe. Under her possession, she tries to extract revenge on her murderer.
14 250px Cyborg
A sympathetic doctor releases a half-human/half-machine subject named Victor Stone who was being held captive and experimented on by LuthorCorp. While making his escape, Victor is struck by Lana's car. After watching him walk away without a scratch, Lana calls Clark to investigate. Clark befriends Victor and promises to help him find his girlfriend, but Lex traps Victor and takes him back to LuthorCorp.
15 Hypnotic Hypnotic
Lex discovers that Professor Fine is in Honduras and sets out to confront him. Clark meets a beautiful seductress named Simone who uses a magical charm to make people succumb to her every wish. An enchanted Clark reveals his powers to Simone, who seizes the opportunity and demands that Clark kill Lex.
16 250px Mercy
Martha and Lionel are caught in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game by a vindictive former LuthorCorp employee, and Clark must save Martha, but risk confirming his powers to Lionel in the process. Meanwhile, Chloe suspects that Lex and Lana are becoming more than friends.
17 520Smallville1070 Fade
Clark saves the life of a stranger named Graham, who vows to repay Clark for his kindness. Unfortunately, Graham is a hit man with the ability to cloak himself, and he decides killing Lex would be the best gift he could give Clark. Meanwhile, Clark confronts Lana about her relationship with Lex.
18 521Smallville0448 Oracle
Clark is stunned when he sees his father’s ghost, but becomes even more confused after Jonathan tells him he must kill Lionel. Meanwhile, Lex develops a vaccine for Fine’s deadly virus, but Fine intervenes and injects him with the vaccine, which causes a shocking reaction in Lex.
19 250px Corrupt
When Clark refuses to free General Zod, Brainiac unleashes a computer virus that throws the world's major cities in chaos. Jor-El then instructs Clark to defeat Lex, whom Brainiac has corrupted. Clark, trying to avoid killing his former friend, tries to obliterate Fine. Instead, getting caught in the Phantom Zone.


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  • Clark discovers one new power Flight.
  • Events take place between July 2002 and May 2003.