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Quotes by Warren WorthingtonEdit

Spoken by Warren WorthingtonEdit

"When you decide to accomplish something, you go after it. Guns blazing."
Warren Worthington III to Paige Guthrie[src]
"When I'm near you and I'm not stifling the urge to strangle you like I am right now, all I can think about is being with you, holding you, kissing you."
Warren Worthington III to Paige Guthrie[src]
"Saying it and doing it are two different things."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Doesn't it bother you Paige? Less than a week ago you and I were in the back of your mom's car trying to rip each other's clothes off."
Warren Worthington III to Paige Guthrie[src]
"I should've stuck by you, and I'm sorry I didn't."
Warren Worthington III to Paige Guthrie[src]
"Let's just take one step at a time, not worry so much."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Like you have ever had someone stick around for breakfast."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Oh, so I'm one of the issues?"
Warren Worthington III[src]
"I keep my promises, so I am careful to only make ones I can keep."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"I bet I'm the first Angel who had to break into heaven!"
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Always, everywhere the X-Men go the same maddening distrust of mutants! Sometimes I think Pietro and Wanda had the right idea when they signed back up with their dad."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"You're a damned sight more attractive than the last team leader I worked with!"
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Y'know, I sense a bit of anti-mutant hostility around here."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"It will end, Apocalypse. It'll end now, and it'll end with your death!"
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Oh, come on, smile. They're only cheerleaders."
Warren Worthington III to Paige Guthrie[src]
"Destroy yourselves, destroy each other. I can always watch it from above."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"One last time, I need to fly!"
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Candace is hesitant to parade a heathen in front of her very proper parents."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Family goes where it goes, you can't control it."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Cheerleading is all about spirit, so it's like an urban cathedral."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"I had to cut between performances to make it work... and remove the cursing."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"I still wear them occasionally... it's liberating."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"If the whole gang's expecting me to put out tonight, I'mma need a bigger backseat."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Welcome to the museum of archaic vocabulary!"
Warren Worthington III[src]
"What can I say, you know, I need my wing-woman to keep my head on straight."
Warren Worthington III to Paige Guthrie[src]
"Paige's one of the most capable people I've ever met. You help get her head clear, she'll come through."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"A toast. Warren and Paige against the world."
Warren Worthington III to Paige Guthrie[src]
"Tasty moves, come on say it - tasty moves! Ohhh, disappointed."
Warren Worthington III[src]
"Aww, come on, Paige. You and I have been crashing at each other’s places since we were in diapers."
Warren Worthington III to Paige Guthrie[src]
"Have you ever wondered if you made a mistake you couldn’t fix?"
Warren Worthington III to Ororo Munroe about him and Paige Guthrie[src]

Conversations with Warren WorthingtonEdit

Warren: "Plenty of time to ponder the imponderable."
Paige: "Today's topic?"
Warren: "Okay, what makes a person decide to become a cheerleader?"
Paige: "Science. You know, over time all that pep builds up pressure."
Warren: "So, they have to vent."
Paige: "Otherwise their heads explode."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Warren: "Scene of the crime."
Paige: "Hey, it's too soon for jokes."
Warren: "It's never too soon for jokes."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Paige: "You know, I don't trust any culture that builds pyramids. Human or otherwise. You know, Egyptians enslaved the Jews."
Warren: "Aztecs, human sacrifices."
Paige: "Freemasons put pyramids on money giving us... Dan Brown."
Warren: "They've earned their spot in hell."
Paige: "Right next to the cheerleaders."
Paige Guthrie and Warren Worthington III[src]
Alison: "What was your first time like?"
Warren: "You really wanna know?"
Alison: "Yeah. Yeah, I do."
Warren: "It's not a very interesting story."
Alison: "I don't care."
Warren: "It was just out of high school."
Alison: "Did you love her?"
Warren: "Yeah. I guess I did. What do I know, I was seventeen. You know."
Alison: "So, was it romantic?"
Warren: "Was what romantic?"
Alison: "Hah. Your first time."
Warren: "No. Not remotely. It was in the back of a Buick, in the middle of nowhere out off uh, Route 75."
Alison Blaire and Warren Worthington III[src]
Paige: "Hey, did you by any chance, tell her how you lost your virginity?"
Warren: "Yeah."
Paige: "Hm."
Warren: "But not that it was with you. Did you?"
Paige: "Yeah. But not that it was with you."
Warren: "Ahhhhh."
Paige: "She put two and two together."
Paige Guthrie and Warren Worthington III[src]
Warren: "Oh, God bless you Lucinda."
Paige: "Oh, God."
Warren: "Always thinkin' ahead."
Paige: "You are crazy... Nice."
Warren: "Oh yeah, you could run the car on that... A toast. Warren and Paige against the world. Sláinte."
Paige: "Sláinte."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Warren: "I think violence in movies gets an unfair rep."
Paige: "Do you?"
Warren: "Mm-hm. I think the way they encourage stalker behaviors in males is way more dangerous."
Paige: "Like Dustin Hoffman busting up the wedding in The Graduate."
Warren: "John Cusack holding the boom box in Say Anything."
Paige: "Dude, you ever show up in my front lawn blasting Peter Gabriel, I will personally kick your ass."
Warren: "I do not doubt it."
Paige: "I'm serious."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Paige: "Well, this is officially getting old."
Warren: "Hey. Hey. First timers. Yeah, totally buying condoms. Yeah, I bought mine here that night too."
Paige: "That's not exactly a ringing endorsement."
Warren: "Didn't really go as we expected, did it?"
Paige: "Yeah, what does?"
Warren: "Well, it wasn't that bad, was it?"
Paige: "No. I mean, I broke off a toe nail once, that was way worse."
Warren: "Okay. Wow."
Paige: "I'm kidding. Jeez...... You know, you're my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without you."
Paige Guthrie and Warren Worthington III[src]
Paige: "This car is cursed."
Warren: "No, it’s not."
Paige: "Nothing good happens here. Not ever."
Warren: "That’s not true."
Paige: "Six months you didn’t talk to me. Do you know how that felt? Any... any idea?"
Warren: "I was scared, Paige. If you'd gotten pregnant, everything would have changed."
Paige: "You shouldn't have bought such a cheap condom."
Warren: "I should’ve stuck by you… I’m sorry I didn’t. At the time, a broken condom seemed like the end of the world to me. I panicked."
Paige: "Momentary panic is one thing. I got my period three weeks later and you froze me out for six months."
Warren: "I felt guilty. I didn’t know how to face you. I was eighteen years old."
Paige: "So was I. I was terrified and I had nobody to go through it with. Nobody."
Warren: "We got past it. Paige, like I said, I am, I am sorry. I really am. Does that help?"
Paige: "No, not really."
Paige Guthrie and Warren Worthington III[src]
Warren: "Doesn't it bother you, Paige? Less than a week ago, you and I were in the back of your mom's car trying to tear each other's clothes off."
Paige: "Okay, we agreed to move on."
Warren: "I know. I know. But saying it and doing it are two totally different things. Eh, this play acting, it's just, it's not sitting right with me."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Lucinda: "Isn’t life funny sometimes?"
Warren: "How do you mean?"
Lucinda: "I always thought you and my baby girl would end up together."
Warren: "What?"
Lucinda: "Yeah, you know, a mother knows these things. I always think it’s obnoxious when women say that, but it’s true."
Warren: "I’m... I’m not following. What’s true?"
Lucinda: "Paige’s in love with you."
Warren: "Excuse me?"
Lucinda: "Yeah, she has been since her Sophomore or Junior year in high school, when she got her boobs. She told me."
Warren: "Paige was never in love with me."
Lucinda: "Did you ever read her diary?"
Warren: "Uh, no."
Lucinda: "She used to write these little poems. They were so sweet. Awww. Warren, the things that we do and say when we’re young. I miss being your age."
Warren: "What else did she write?"
Lucinda: "Oh, I can’t tell you my daughter’s secrets. They would take away my good mother card. But suffice it to say that now that you’re older, who does she go to late at night when she needs advice? Not David. Certainly not me. It’s you! Don’t you remember last year when she had the flu and she wouldn’t let anybody within a hundred miles of her, and all of a sudden you show up with DVDs and she’s ready to spread germs all over the damn place. That, my dear, is love. That’s love! So I think it’s so funny. I mean, Paige and… David and you and Alison, whiling away the time. Well, Venus and the gods of love are gonna wave that magic wand and make you all straighten up."
Warren: "I don’t think so, Lucinda."
Lucinda: "Well, of course you don’t because you’re twenty-one. And when you’re twenty-one, you are dumb as dirt when it comes to love. But I will bet you a dollar to a doughnut… that you and Paige will be together within 10 years."
Warren: "No."
Lucinda: "Nah? Okay. I can’t give you specifics, but you have to remember that I am a woman with inside knowledge. So you bide your time, ‘cause my daughter is worth the wait."
Lucinda Guthrie and Warren Worthington III[src]
Warren: "I had an interesting conversation with Lucinda just now."
Paige: "Well, car wrecks are interesting by nature. What’d you guys talk about?"
Warren: "You."
Paige: "Yeah, what about me?"
Warren: "Well, for one thing, if you still keep a diary, you need a better lock. But, the other thing…"
Paige: "Yeah?"
Warren: "Did you ever tell your mom you were in love with me?"
Paige: "Hah. What? No."
Warren: "Hold on, really think about your answer, ‘cause this is important."
Paige: "It’s a party. My mom's drinking. I mean…"
Warren: "She seemed pretty lucid for Lucinda."
Paige: "How would any of this come up? Why are you drilling my mom? If you have something to ask me, just say it."
Warren: "I’m asking you, right now. Lucinda seems to think we’re soulmates or something, because of things you supposedly told her. So, I just want to know. Did you or did you not suggest to your mom that you believed we would end up together?"
Paige: "No. I mean, maybe. Yeah. Look, if... if I did, and that’s a big if, it was a long time ago, so. I mean, I’ve also been in love with: Axl Rose, Orlando Bloom, and... and, and the guy from the New England Patriots… Tom Brady, so I…"
Warren: "Okay, look, I’m going down a road here with Alison. Is there any reason I shouldn’t?"
Paige: "Like what?"
Warren: "You tell me."
Paige: "I have nothing to say. Got it?"
Warren: "I got it."
Paige: "You and my mom are something. Incredible."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Paige: "What'd you do, idiot?"
Warren: "And good health to you as well. You hungry?"
Paige Guthrie and Warren Worthington III[src]
Warren: "I told you this wasn't sittin' well. I don't like being a liar. I can't stay with Alison without full disclosure."
Paige: "You're suggesting telling her you and I hooked up, that would be a disaster."
Warren: "We're at an impasse then."
Paige: "No. No, no impasse. You two are good together you need to call her and make this right. We have talked about this."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Warren: "You are the center of the universe, aren’t you?"
Paige: "What?"
Warren: "It's all about Paige all the time. Right down to wanting to force two of her best friends to carry on a relationship, even though one of them is completely taken with someone else."
Paige: "Don't say that."
Warren: "Hah."
Paige: "Please. Let's just get back to normal."
Warren: "Okay. Hey, it's raining, it's cold, it's the perfect day for a funeral. It's also a good day for the truth. When I’m near you, and I'm not stifling the urge to strangle you like I am right now, all I can think about is being with you… holding you, kissing you, the whole unseemly pompousness of love."
Paige: "That doesn’t work for us Warren. Remember the first time, you disappeared?"
Warren: "I wasn’t ready then. You and me work, Paige."
Paige: "As friends."
Warren: "I can’t settle for that."
Paige: "You're starting to make this feel like an ultimatum."
Warren: "Good, then I'm doing it right. Forget the past. Forget Alison and David. Right here, right now, you tell me the truth. I am all in. Where are you?"
Paige: "I'm not where you want me to be."
Warren: "Well, there we have it. I gotta get back to work."
Paige: "Warren. Warren."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Warren: "What do you want, Paige?"
Paige: "I'm really feeling alone right now. I have uh, a hard decision to make, and I need my friend right now."
Warren: "I'm sorry. I can't."
Paige: "Look, you know, we've...we've been through a lot, Warren. We, we can weather this."
Warren: "Yeah, there's gonna come a time, but it's not now."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Warren: "Today’s topic.. why do white guys always bite their lips while they dance?"
Paige: "Oh! It gives them focus while engaging in a foreign act."
Warren: "He’s gonna draw blood."
Paige: "Ooh, might attract a shark!"
Warren: "We’re on land…"
Paige: "A shark with feet!"
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Warren: "You do know how to sell a song, Emma Frost."
Emma: "Hey, you know, wedding audiences are easy. Lots of booze and optimism."
Warren: "So, your mom's done a spectacular job. I think she's even charmed my dad."
Emma: "Ooh, watch out. She might end up being your step-mom."
Warren: "Which I guess would make you and me brother and sister."
Emma: "Not since Luke and Leia, huh?"
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Warren: "Paige, um, wait up."
Paige: "Yeah?"
Warren: "We need to talk. I owe you an apology."
Paige: "No you don't."
Warren: "Yeah, I do. I left you with a big mess on your lap, and I wouldn't take your calls.."
Paige: "Please stop. You don't owe me an apology. I was horrible about how I handled everything."
Warren: "I just thought a lot about..."
Paige: "I've been thinking..."
Warren: "Sorry. You first. Ladies first."
Paige: "Okay, well, um... It's been really weird around here, and I've been thinking maybe..."
Alison: "Cream puff?"
Warren: "Alison. You look good."
Alison: "Thank you. I hope I didn't interrupt anything."
Warren: "No."
Paige: "No. No, not at all."
Warren: "I'm glad to see you, Alison."
Warren Worthington III, Paige Guthrie and Alison Blaire[src]
Warren Jr.: "I'm assuming you didn't invite Alison."
Warren: "No. I have no idea why she's here."
Warren Jr.: "No idea, really? Thought you were the smart one in the family?"
Warren: "I figure she wants to talk to me. And me to explain myself. A conversation I am not anxious to have."
Warren Jr.: "Hurt her pretty bad?"
Warren: "Yeah."
Warren Jr.: "So, you brought the bird woman of Lake Pontchartrain along as what? A human shield?"
Warren: "Thought having a date along would keep my head straight. Keep me from doing something stupid."
Warren Jr.: "Any of this got something to do with Paige?"
Warren: "How?"
Warren Jr.: "She didn't want to show up today. Lucinda came to me with some cock-and-bull story about stage fright."
Warren: "Stage fright? Paige? Come on."
Warren Jr.: "I played along."
Warren: "Yeah, things got a little weird between us before I left."
Warren Jr.: "Hmm."
Warren: "I broke up with Alison because of it."
Warren Jr.: "Paige... My, my."
Warren: "What?"
Warren Jr.: "Love that girl as a daughter, but she is a bad fit for you."
Warren: "Why?"
Warren Jr.: "She's a trainwreck. You're a trainwreck."
Warren: "Thank you, dad."
Warren Jr.: "I say that with love. I mean, two trainwrecks are exciting to watch, but people get hurt. You need a girl like your mom. Someone who'll call you on your crap. You know how I knew your mother was the one? She made me try harder, she made me want to be a better person and believe that I could be. When you were seeing Alison I saw a little of that. Saw you behaving like a grown up. It's a good color on you my son."
Warren: "If you're trying to make me feel worse about screwing up with her, it's working."
Warren Jr.: "Good. Then my fatherly work here is done."
Warren Worthington Jr. and Warren Worthington III[src]
Paige: "Look I... know everything has changed between us. But I just can't stand by and watch my former best friend, and my new best friend make a terrible mistake."
Warren: "Is that what you were going to say to me... earlier?"
Paige: "Yeah..."
Warren: "Because what I wanted to say to you was that... you were right before. About us being friends. It's what we're best at. You know? What we were meant to be."
Paige: "You really mean that?"
Warren: "Yeah. Yeah I do."
Paige: "I've really missed you."
Warren: "I missed the heck out of you."
Paige: "Now get your ass over to Alison."
Warren: "Man, what am I supposed to say?"
Paige: "Warren... If you have to ask... you don't deserve her."
Paige Guthrie and Warren Worthington III[src]

Henry: "What brings you to this neck of the woods, my once-feathered pal?"
Warren: "Life. Women. Happiness. And the current lack of any of the above."
Henry McCoy and Warren Worthington III[src]
Warren: "Oh, so I'm one of the issues?"
Paige: "And sometimes you're the entire subscription."
Warren Worthington III and Emma Frost[src]
Warren: "Hey, you are mighty. You are Batgirl."
Paige: "You are blindly optimistic."
Warren: "Hm. Thank you for noticing. Hey, don’t trip, Number 26!"
Paige: "Oh, one more thing, you know I'm better than Batgirl!"
Warren: "Ah. That you are."
Paige: "Love you, Warren Worthington."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Warren: "Are we good?"
Paige: "Yeah. Yeah, we’re good."
Warren: "Okay."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Warren: "Paige… we need to talk."
Paige: "About what?"
Warren: "About what happened."
Paige: "Hm. Nothing happened."
Warren: "Paige… come on."
Paige: "I’m serious, nothing happened. I'm dating David, who is also damn near being the team leader of the X-Men and your friend. I’m not gonna let a stupid mistake hurt him."
Warren: "Well, it didn’t feel like a mistake to me."
Paige: "I need you as my best friend. Do not take away my friend, okay? Nothing happened."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]

Spoken about Warren WorthingtonEdit

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