Peter Rasputin

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"I do not give my word... unless I mean to keep it."
Peter Rasputin[src]
"You know nothing! She is our friend, our teammate in battle, she could be... dead! And you act as if you do not even care! Well, I care!!"
Peter Rasputin[src]
"I have been planning to destroy the Breakworld since I was a child... (awkward pause) ... This is why I don't make so many jokes. I never know when is good."
Peter Rasputin[src]
"I believe tyrants such as you should be crushed...does that answer your question?"
Peter Rasputin[src]
"While you may not care about whatever fate has befallen your kin...I cannot stop thinking about the suffering my poor little Snowflake must be enduring! "
Peter Rasputin[src]
"Wolverine...I told you never to call Storm a "broad" again. And I meant it. Happy landings tovarisch."
Peter Rasputin[src]
"Oh? Sure sounds like one to me. Sounds even more like betrayal."
Peter Rasputin[src]

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