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Quotes by Paige GuthrieEdit

Spoken by Paige GuthrieEdit

"Hmph. Why are all the hot guys either jerks or part of a sinister plot to murder your friends?"
Paige Guthrie[src]
"Didn't see any footprints on the way in, either. Place is as quiet as -- pardon my language -- a tomb."
Paige Guthrie[src]
"The second we talk about us out loud is when it becomes real."
Paige Guthrie to Warren Worthington III[src]
"I've missed having you to myself."
Paige Guthrie to Warren Worthington III[src]
"He was my dad, I wish it was about me. I wish I was enough for him."
Paige Guthrie to Warren Worthington III about Thomas Guthrie[src]
"You know you're my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without you."
Paige Guthrie to Warren Worthington III[src]
"Warren and I work as friends, that's all I want...."
Paige Guthrie[src]
"Don't be a coward. If you are going to stick a knife in me, don't hide behind the group."
Paige Guthrie to Alison Blaire[src]
"It's not that he doesn't have feelings for you, it's that he thinks he has feelings for me."
Paige Guthrie to Alison Blaire about Warren Worthington III[src]
"It's like the flu... we'll feel bad for a week and then everything will go back to normal."
Paige Guthrie to Warren Worthington III[src]
"You're so unpleasant. Do you visit orphanages to explain there's no Santa?"
Emma Frost[src]
"It was a lie, but a lie with good intentions."
Paige Guthrie[src]
"You didn't bring like an air horn or anything with you? Fireworks?"
Paige Guthrie[src]
"Manage your expectations."
Paige Guthrie[src]
"I don't want to hurt you, I want us to be...friends."
Paige Guthrie[src]
"If you needed me, I would drop everything. You're my sister and that means something to me."
Paige Guthrie[src]
"My... my father and I aren't exactly on speaking terms."
Emma Frost[src]
"You know you're my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without you."
Paige Guthrie to Warren Worthington III[src]

Conversations with Paige GuthrieEdit

Warren: "Come on, how can you leave New York?"
Paige: "My mom lives here."
Warren: "I live here too. That's gotta count for something, right?"
Paige: "If I were to stay for something...I'd stay for the pizza."
Warren: "Awww! You did not! Yo, Paige."
Paige: "Yeah?"
Warren: "These new people, don't drift. Yeah."
Paige: "Never happen."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Paige: "My first time was totally unexpected. Okay? It was in the back of a Buick off Route 75 with somebody I never thought it would happen with."
Alison: "Were you in love with him?"
Paige: "That's a complicated question. My point is, it just happened - no pre-planning, no stage management. And it was good, for what it was."
Alison Blaire and Paige Guthrie[src]
Warren: "Paige, we good?"
Paige: "Yeah, yeah we're good."
Warren: "Okay."
Paige: "I mean, um... Look I'm.. I'm glad you're with Alison. I hope you make each other happy."
Warren: "...But?"
Paige: "Just be careful. If things go south with Alison it's gonna blow back on me.... I mean, are you guys gonna get serious?"
Warren: "I don't know. But I promise you I'll be careful."
Paige: "Yeah, do that... I'd hate to see us lynched by an angry mob of team members."
Warren: "Oooh, pitchforks and robots?"
Paige: "Well, they'd soak them in kerosene, obviously."
Warren: "Obviously."
Paige: "Yeah."
Warren: "You off?"
Paige: "Yeah, I... I still gotta run my errand."
Warren: "Is this errand musical in nature?"
Paige: "Sort of...... I've missed having you to myself."
Warren Worthington III and Paige Guthrie[src]
Paige: "Hey, did you by any chance, tell her how you lost your virginity?"
Warren: "Yeah."
Paige: "Hm."
Warren: "But not that it was with you. Did you?"
Paige: "Yeah. But not that it was with you."
Warren: "Ahhhhh."
Paige: "She put two and two together."
Paige Guthrie and Warren Worthington III[src]
Alison: "Let it go. You sound just like him. Paige, have you been talking to Warren about this?"
Paige: "You can't ask me that."
Alison: "I am."
Paige: "Warren and I are best friends, and we talk about a lot of things."
Alison: "Before I started this relationship, I asked you point blank if you had feelings for Warren."
Paige: "And I said, no. What are you getting at?"
Alison: "I just hope your advice doesn't have an ulterior motive."
Alison Blaire and Paige Guthrie[src]
Alison: "Paige, why are you being so negative? Do you have a thing for Warren?"
Paige: "What?"
Alison: "Because if you do, I'll back off."
Paige: "No."
Alison: "I don't want to create drama within the team."
Paige: "Warren and I are just buds. I mean, we're friends. You know? That's it. Look, I'm just saying, manage your expectations. You know, I-I know the guy."
Alison Blaire and Paige Guthrie[src]
Paige: "You're not paying attention."
Warren: "I'm sorry. I'm preoccupied."
Paige: "Furrowed brows is a new look for you."
Warren: "Doesn't it bother you, Paige? Less than a week ago, you and I were in the back of your mom's car trying to tear each other's clothes off."
Paige: "Okay, we agreed to move on."
Warren: "I know. I know. But saying it and doing it are two totally different things. Eh, this play acting, it's just, it's not sitting right with me."
Paige: "Warren, you care about Alison. I've seen how you are with her. You've never been that happy about anybody else."
Warren: "Yeah, that's why this is so confusing to me. I made an explicit promise to be exclusive. I take a broken promise very seriously."
Paige: "You were human. We make mistakes. We move on, and try to do better next time, because we have to."
Warren: "This is that easy for you?"
Paige: "Of course it's not easy, I'm as freaked out as you are. But it's, it's like the flu... we'll feel bad for a week and then everything will go back to normal."
Warren: "I hope you're right."
Paige: "I am. You'll see."
Alison: "Hey guys. Sorry, had trouble exchanging a textbook. Everything okay?"
Warren: "Right as rain. Just like always."
Alison: "Oh, you coming Paige?"
Paige: "Why don't you guys go up ahead, I'm going to grab a cup of coffee."
Warren: "Shall we?"
Alison: "We shall."
Paige Guthrie, Warren Worthington III and Alison Blaire[src]
Paige: "Do you wanna know what happened?"
Alison: "Hmph."
Paige: "So, Warren and I had been friends forever, and then we hit Sophomore year and something changed. I don't know if it was chemical or maybe I just lost my mind, but...I started obsessing about him. I wrote about him in my diary, I fantasized, made up poems. It was, it was pathetic."
Alison: "Do I look like I care?"
Paige: "I'm trying to be honest with you, Alison. Okay? So after a Weezer concert one night, I got what I thought I wanted. But it went weird, and we ended up not speaking for six months. Eventually we got past it. It was a thing, but we never really talked about it. So what I-I'm telling you is that there's nothing going on. It-It's old news. I didn't want you to find out and get upset. And if I'm being honest, I didn't want to open that door again. It was a lie, but it was a lie with good intentions."
Paige Guthrie and Alison Blaire[src]
Alison: "Okay, this is not the place, Paige."
Paige: "Why not? All of the team knows each other's business anyway."
Alison: "Really? Because apparently I was not told a key piece of business. That you and Warren lost your virginity to each other! How did I not know that the first time my friend had sex, it was with my boyfriend?! Oh yeah, that's because when I asked you about your first time, you lied to me! Just like you lied every time I asked if you had feelings for Warren!"
Alison Blaire and Paige Guthrie[src]
Paige: "He turned his back on me, then he just walked off."
Lucinda: "Good for him."
Paige: "What? You're taking his side?"
Lucinda: "He has been your boyfriend without benefits for way too long."
Paige: "Mom, I don't consider this supportive."
Lucinda: "Men have two brains. Unfortunately, they only have enough blood to use one of them at a time which is where all the problems pop up. And it seems that our boy Warren, when he's around you, he performs all the functions of a close friend, blood's where it belongs. And there's other times when he's around you and the blood flows to his other brain. Now men have no control over this function. It's physiological."
Paige: "Wait, did you major in junk science, mom?"
Lucinda: "Interrupting only makes this last longer. Now as I was saying, Warren is finally listening to his body and it is yelling at him to be your boyfriend with full benefits."
Paige: "We can't."
Lucinda: "Why the hell not?"
Paige: "We tried once, and he took off for six months."
Lucinda: "Oh, boo-hoo. He came back, didn't he?"
Paige: "As a friend. That's how I learned that friends stick around and boyfriends come and go."
Lucinda: "I could have told you that."
Paige: "Besides, I'm with Henry."
Lucinda: "Sweetheart, Warren's known you for a long time, much longer than Henry."
Paige: "I lost Warren once mom. I'm not losing him again."
Lucinda: "Honey, you just did."
Paige: "Hah. You don't know what you're talking about. He will call. I... He always does."
Lucinda: "Until the one day he doesn't."
Paige Guthrie and Lucinda Guthrie[src]
Henry: "So is that true, you and, you and Warren have history?"
Paige: "In high school."
Henry: "For the record, you never told me either."
Henry McCoy and Paige Guthrie[src]
Alison: "I like Warren so much, Paige. I hate that who I am just pushed him away."
Paige: "Alison, it's not you. It's me, it's um, my fault Warren left."
Alison: "No it's not."
Paige: "Yeah, yeah it is."
Alison: "That's crazy."
Paige: "Alison, I'm dead serious."
Alison: "I don't understand."
Paige: "It's not because he doesn't have feelings for you. It's because he thinks he has feelings for me."
Alison: "Why are you saying that? Paige, tell me. Paige, tell me now. Just say it Paige."
Paige: "One night last week... Warren and I were... we were together."
Alison: "You mean... Physically?"
Paige: "Yeah... but we didn't..."
Alison: "So, you've both been lying this whole time?"
Paige: "No, it was a mistake. We were both drunk and..."
Alison: "Shut up."
Paige: "I don't want you to think that it was..."
Alison: "No, I said shut up. I think you should find another place to stay in New York."
Paige: "Alison, I'm sorry... Henry, Henry, Henry, let me explain."
Henry: "No, I already heard, Paige. You made a mistake. I made one of those with you."
Paige Guthrie, Alison Blaire and Henry McCoy[src]
Paige: "I appreciate you helping him."
Lucinda: "Oh, honey, it's my pleasure. The good news is I have come up with a way for you to pay me back."
Paige: "That does sound like good news. What is it?"
Lucinda: "Well, first of all wipe that suspicious look off your face, it's more than a little insulting."
Paige: "Oh, so insulting your daughter is in the question?"
Lucinda: "Well, I might not even ask you now."
Paige: "Oh, good. Thanks for lunch."
Lucinda: "I need you to sing on Saturday. At an event I planned."
Paige: "Is this event by any chance ? Worthington's wedding?"
Lucinda: "Well, what difference does it make, you'd be doing me a favor."
Paige: "No way. No. Warren's gonna be there, he's the best man."
Lucinda: "That's right. And he's only in town for the weekend."
Paige: "You know for a fact he's leaving?"
Lucinda: "Look at you, you are interested. And this might be your only chance to see him."
Paige: "No. Save the mind games mom, I'm not... I'm not doing it."
Lucinda: "You know, Warren's daddy asked for you specially. It would really break his heart if you don't do this. Well, you can ask him yourself."
Paige: "What? You didn't."
Warren Jr.: "Paige Elizabeth."
Paige: "Hey, Mr. Worthington."
Warren Jr.: "A little bird tells me you're having a bout of stage fright."
Paige: "Stage fright?"
Lucinda: "I had to tell him."
Warren Jr.: "I understand, I get it myself at business meetings, but I'm here to say that you have nothing to be afraid of. You are among family. Hell, I've known you since you were about that tall. You know we love your singing voice. It made us so happy when you'd come over and play piano. What do you say, Paige? Give it a try?"
Paige: "It would be my pleasure."
Warren Jr.: "Attagirl!"
Paige: "Yeah, you got it."
Paige Guthrie, Lucinda Guthrie and Warren Worthington Jr.[src]

Spoken about Paige GuthrieEdit

"Paige's one of the most capable people I've ever met. You help get her head clear, she'll come through."
Warren Worthington III[src]

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