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Spoken by Lucas BishopEdit

"You ever visit a football field where you dropped the winning pass? Or the street where you got the crap beat out of you for a couple of bucks?"
Lucas Bishop[src]
"Sooner or later, you're going to run out of road. And I'm going to smash your foot down on the accelerator, you stubborn old bastard."
Lucas Bishop[src]
"I am not the leader here, Ro. You are. And rightly so. Because you have a lot to teach. And I... once more, just like the very beginning... I have much to learn."
Lucas Bishop[src]
"A worthy try. But your powers are no match for mine... when mine is the power to match yours!"
Lucas Bishop[src]
"If you plan on leaving, don't plan on doing it alive."
Lucas Bishop[src]
"Anything worth having is worth taking good care of."
Lucas Bishop[src]
"I heard you, you made a mistake. I made one of those with you."
Lucas Bishop[src]
"When you deserve my support, you'll get it."
Lucas Bishop[src]
"You were the one that told me to guard your principles jealously, because at the end of the day that's all a man has."
Lucas Bishop to Burnum Bishop[src]
"This program is garbage and so are you."
Lucas Bishop[src]
"Maybe it's just me, but I think you guys are a rare collection of rude jackasses."
Lucas Bishop[src]
"I think you're a good dude, Warren Worthington. A good dude who's made some bad decisions about his hair, but, uh, you're still a good dude, bro."
Lucas Bishop to Warren Worthington III[src]
"I'm sorry Remy, but there's just something that makes me not like you."
Lucas Bishop[src]
"Live the life. Live the dream. No fear."
Lucas Bishop[src]
"Guard your principles jealously, because at the end of the day, that's all a man has."
Lucas Bishop[src]

Conversations with Lucas BishopEdit

Lucas: "Did you tell them they have to pull out?"
Scott: "I think they’re having a three musketeers moment."
Henry: "Time’s wasting D’Artagnan."
Lucas Bishop, Scott Summers and Henry McCoy[src]

Spoken about Lucas BishopEdit

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