Allison Crestmere 2

Allison Crestmere

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Quotes by Allison CrestmereEdit

Spoken by Allison CrestmereEdit

"You know, these devil horns really suit you!"
Allison Crestmere[src]
"...I want to give our foes... a little something to remember the New Mutants by!"
Allison Crestmere[src]
"Nothing's Impossible."
Allison Crestmere[src]

Conversations with Allison CrestmereEdit

David: "Ally... tell me. What's wrong?"
Allison: "What isn't wrong?"
David Xavier and Allison Crestmere[src]
Sam: "We're the "good guys," Magz. We don't kill."
Allison: "That makes no sense. Sometimes it's necessary."
Sam Guthrie and Allison Crestmere[src]

Spoken about Allison CrestmereEdit

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