Lorna Dane
Biographical information

Lorna Sally Dane


October 24, 1990


San Francisco, California


Mistress of Magnetism


Lorn, LSD

Physical description

Human (Mutant)





Hair Color


Eye Color


Family information

Max Eisenhardt (father)
Susanna Dane (mother)
Pietro Eisenhardt (half-brother)
Wanda Eisenhardt (half-sister)
Jakob Eisenhardt (grandfather)
Edie Eisenhardt (grandmother)
Alan Dane (grandfather)
Sylvia Dane (grandmother)
Ruth Eisenhardt (aunt)
Crystal Eisenhardt (sister-in-law)
Luna Eisenhardt (niece)

Statistical information

College Graduate

"Good and bad often come wrapped up in the same package, don't they? We just lean one direction or the other, depending on circumstances and personality."
―Lorna Dane[src]


Early life

Personality and traits

Lorna Dane 22

Lorna Dane

"Then this is how the world ends. In rage and blood and fire."
―Lorna Dane[src]


Alex Summers

"Alex, we're in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a war, we have no idea if the professor is dead or alive, or if we'll ever see our home again. And today we held off an entire regiment of anti mutant soldiers. Just shut up and kiss me."
―Lorna Dane[src]

Powers and Abilities


Magnetic Field Manipulation: Polaris had the ability to manipulate magnetism. Although she had the potential to exercise all of the powers that her father Magneto had, as of yet she had only used powers involving the manipulation of magnetic, electrical, and gravitational fields. Moreover, she had yet summon as great an amount of energy as Magneto had. The exact limits on the amount weight that she could magnetically lift at present had not been measured. Since she had, in the past, preferred not to use her powers in combat situations, and had decades less experience with them, she was not up to par with Magneto's level of experience. As with Magneto, it was unknown whether Polaris's powers were purely psionic or whether they derive from her physically.

The main feat made possible by magnetism was Polaris' ability to lift and manipulate metal. She had shown such fine tuned skills as to nearly liquefy, mend, and reconstruct metallic objects, and had some level of influence on the ferrous metals that reside in everything. She once mended and reconstructed silverware and metallic plates into a metallic suit identical to Magneto's costume. She had also rendered a mass crowd unconscious by reversing the flow of blood in every individual by controlling the natural iron in their blood.

  • Magnetic Force-Fields: Polaris could protect herself from physical harm, could stretch her fields to protect a large group, and could suspend persons or objects in the air.
  • Magnetic Flight: Polaris could suspend herself in flight by riding the Earth's magnetic field.
  • Electromagnetic Sight: By concentrating, Polaris could perceive the world around herself solely as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. She could perceive the natural magnetic auras surrounding living beings, as well.
  • Magnetic Pulse: Polaris could focus her magnetic energy into powerful concussive blasts. She could also overload or short-circuit electrical systems. She had been shown destroying Shi'ar warships with single magnetic pulses.
  • Energy Absorption: Polaris had been shown absorbing some forms of energy through her magnetic force fields to temporarily boost her own strengths. Early in her career with the X-Men, she absorbed Storm's lightning blast, Cyclops' eye beam, and Havok's energy beam at the same time, giving her enough strength to propel an entire island from the earth and into space.



Mental Illness:


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