Lionel Luthor
Biographical Information
Full name Lionel Larson Luthor
Year of Birth July 3, 1944
Place of Birth Metropolis, Pennsylvania
Died 2005
Current Alias Lionel Luthor
Aliases No Information
Nicknames No Information
Physical Information
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Hair color Grey (Balding)
Eye color Brown
Ethnicity American
Species Human
Unusual Features No Information
Family Information

Lachlan Luthor (father, deceased)
Eliza Luthor (mother, deceased)
Lillian Luthor (wife, deceased)
Lex Luthor (son)
Julian Luthor (son, deceased)
Lucas Luthor (son)

Marital Status Widowed
Alignment Bad
Identity Public
Citizenship American
Occupation Former CEO and owner of (LuthorCorp)
Education College Graduate
Status Various
Base Of Operations Various
Affiliation LuthorCorp
Episode Count
First Appearance Smallville Pilot
Latest Appearance No Information
"I knew it'd eventually come to this, Lex. Afterall, you're my son."
―Lionel Luthor[src]

Lionel Luthor (born 1944 - died 2004) was the founder of LuthorCorp, the father of Lex Luthor and Lena Luthor as well as a member of the Hellfire Club. Prior to his death, Lionel served as the original Chairman and CEO of LuthorCorp.


Early lifeEdit

Lionel Luthor was born on July 3, 1944 to Scottish immigrants Lachlan and Eliza Luthor.

Around 1970, Lionel married a woman named Lillian with whom he had two children: Lex and Lena. Lionel also engaged in an affair with Rachel Dunleavy, a nurse hired to care for Lillian as her health declined.


  • Lionel was left-handed like his son Lex.

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