John Forge
Biographical information

John Silvercloud


November 25, 1983


Dallas, Texas


Intrepid Traveler
The Dolphin Master
The Maker

Physical description

Human (Mutant)





Hair Color


Eye Color


Family information

Diamond Blackburn (father)
Lisa Yvonne Silvercloud (mother)
Indigo Silvercloud (sister)
Naze Upchurch (grandfather)

Statistical information


Adventurer, Inventor


College Graduate



"Building is what I do. But sometimes one must first destroy before one can create."

John Silvercloud was the Mutant son of Diamond Silvercloud, and a current member of the X-Men.


Early life

Born John Silvercloud on November 25, 1983, Forge was raised in Dallas, Texas with his sister Indigo Phillips, by parents Diamond Silvercloud and Lisa Silvercloud. Forge developed considerable mystical powers as a result of the training his Cheyenne Indian grandfather Naze gave him.

At puberty, his mutant powers manifested. This consisted of him being able to understand any mechanical device and the ability to create one as long as he could imagine it.

Shortly after graduating from high school, he went to college at The University of Texas at Austin to pursue a career in inventing. In his Junior year, he was kicked out for "cheating" after some of his class mates found out about his mutant abilities and reported it to their Professor.

Forge then returned home and continued to invent things, shortly thereafter his grandfather died from an apparent stroke.


After his grandfather's death, Forge became determined to invent something "that would sell". Following months of failed inventions, Forge was finally able to come up with an invention that got him to reach the finals in the New York State Invention Convention.

Upon visiting New York, Forge ran into the X-Men Ororo Munroe, ? and ? at a nightclub.

Personality and traits

"Isn't technology a wonderful thing."

Powers and Abilities


Intuitive Genius: Superhuman intuitive talent for inventing mechanical devices. His mutant ability functioned as perception, as he possessed the ability to visually perceive "mechanical energy" (the kinetic energy and potential energy present in the components of mechanical systems) in action. This power allowed Forge to instinctively know and understand the potential and functional operations of any machine or technological device in his visual range, a skill that combined with his natural intelligence allowed him to conceive, design and build mechanical devices; and operate, modify and disassemble existing technology or create countermeasures for it.


  • Expert Fighter: Forge was a skilled hand to hand combatant, having received some training from his father, Lou Phillips, who was a government operative. He had also honed himself through combat training with the X-Men's Danger Room.
  • Skilled Technician: Due in large part to his mutant abilities, Forge had a lot of expertise in science and technology and had created fantastic futuristic devices, including many updates to the Danger Room, sophisticated holograms, and elaborate computer and fiberoptic systems. Forge had also been the mechanic of the X-Men's Blackbird for a long time.
  • Native American Sorcery: Forge had learned extensive knowledge of Native American magic from his father, but he had not used these abilities in years.



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