A Healing Factor or Regeneration was the ability to recover from bodily injuries or disease at a superhuman rate.


As every power this one has several aspects which may or may not apply to every character that possesses healing factor. Those include:

  • Disease Immunity: This provides him/her with highly efficient immune system, which renders them immune against all known diseases and infections.
  • Foreign Chemical Immunity: This affords the character with virtual immunity to poisons and drugs.
  • Insulated Weather Adaptation: Their's body is highly resistant to certain elemental extremes such as extreme heat or cold.
  • Telepathic Resistance: Enables characters to block telepathic attacks.
  • Slowed Aging: Provides them with an extended lifespan by slowing the effects of the aging process. Characters may be over 100 years old, but retain the appearance and physical condition as if they were in there physical prime of their lives.


Various types of groups and races heal faster than humans due to a combination of natural biology and mystical energies. These include:

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