Franklin Richards
Biographical Information
Full name Franklin Benjamin Richards
Year of Birth June 13, 200?
Place of Birth New York, New York
Died No Information
Current Alias Franklin Richards
Aliases Hyperstorm, Avatar, Tattletale, Ego-Spawn, Richard Franklin, Psi-Lord
Nicknames Son, Buddy
Physical Information
Gender Male
Height 4'3" (child)
Hair color Dark Blond
Eye color Blue
Ethnicity Caucasian
Species Human (Mutant)
Unusual Features No Information
Family Information
Reed Richards (father)
Susan Storm Richards (mother)
Johnny Storm (uncle)
John Richards (great-grandfather)
Ted Richards (great-uncle; deceased)
Nathaniel Richards (grandfather)
Evelyn Richards (grandmother, deceased)
Franklin Storm (grandfather, deceased)
Mary Storm (grandmother, deceased)
Tara Richards (aunt)
Ben Grimm (godfather)
Alicia Masters (godmother)
Marital Status Single
Alignment Good
Identity Secret Identity
Citizenship American
Occupation Adventurer
Status ?
Base Of Operations No Information
Affiliation Fantastic Four
Episode Count
First Appearance
Latest Appearance No Information
Appearances S1, S2, S3
"Some people lead, and some people follow."
Franklin Richards[src]

Franklin Richards was the eldest son of Reed and Susan Richards and the older brother of Valeria Richards Born on June 13, 200?.

Early LifeEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Gifted Intelligence:


"We are a team. Remember that!"
Franklin Richards[src]



Franklin was the oldest of two children to Reed and Susan Richards. He was very close to both of his parents, as well as his grandparent's, uncle's and aunt's. Franklin idolizes his father and dreams to become just like him. He considers his mom his best friend, and hopes to have a little sister just like her someday. Having grown up in a crazy environment, Nathan has grown up to be a well behaved intelligent young man due to how his parents raised him to be, believing that family is more important then anything else.

Romantic LifeEdit

Romantic InterestsEdit





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