Chloe Sullivan
Biographical Information
Full name Chloe Anne Sullivan
Year of Birth July 29, 1980
Place of Birth Metropolis, Pennsylvania
Died No Information
Current Alias Chloe Sullivan
Aliases Watchtower
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green
Ethnicity Caucasian
Species Human (Mutant)
Unusual Features No Information
Family Information
Family Gabe Sullivan (father)
Moira Sullivan (mother)
Jimmy Olsen (husband)
Lois Lane (cousin)
Lucy Lane (cousin)
Samuel Lane (uncle)
Elinore Lane (aunt, deceased)
Marital Status In A Relationship
Alignment Good
Identity Public Identity
Citizenship American
Status Alive
Base Of Operations Metropolis, Pennsylvania
Affiliation Justice League
Episode Count
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance No Information
"If it means saving Clark, I'd climb Mt. Everest."
Chloe Sullivan[src]

Chloe Anne Sullivan was Clark Kent's closest friend and the former head of Watchtower, where she provided operational support to Clark and Oliver and their team of heroes. Previously, Chloe worked for a few years as a struggling basement reporter for the Daily Planet.

Early Life

Chloe Sullivan was born in Metropolis on July 29, 1983. Chloe's parents divorced when she was young. Her mother first left the family when she was five, but Chloe had at least some contact with her mother until age eight in 1991. One day Chloe came home with her hands covered in ink. When Moira instructed her to wash them, Chloe disobeyed. Moira again told her to wash them until the ink was gone, but found Chloe scrubbing her hands until they bled. Moira realized that she could control her daughter with her power, and possibly hurt her, so she had herself committed to a mental institution.

The Sullivans moved to Smallville in 1998 and Chloe quickly befriended Clark Kent after he showed her around the town and his family farm. She also became good friends with Pete Ross.


Chloe Sullivan[src]



Romantic Life

Romantic Interests




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