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Bella Donna Bourdreaux
Biographical information

Bella Donna Boudreaux


May 6, 1983


New Orleans, Louisiana

Physical description

Human (Mutant)





Hair Color


Eye Color


Family information

Marius Boudreaux (father)
Sylvia Boudreaux (mother)
Julian Boudreaux (brother)
Remy LeBeau (ex-husband)

Statistical information




High School Dropout


Assassins Guild

"The Unified Guild of New Orleans stands prepared to protect our patriarch -- to the death, if necessary... yours, of course."
―Bella Donna Boudreaux[src]


Early lifeEdit

Young street-thief Remy LeBeau first met Bella Donna Boudreaux when they were only children, and the pair soon became fast friends. Unbeknownst to them both, they came from rival Guilds (those of Thieves and Assassins, respectively). As they grew up and the rivalry between the Guilds increased, their fathers arranged for a marriage between the two in the hopes that it would unite the Guilds. Immediately after the wedding, Bella Donna's brother Julien lashed out in jealousy and challenged Remy in a fight to the death. Remy won, and as a punishment he was exiled from New Orleans. Choosing to make his own choices in life from that point on, he abandoned Bella Donna instead of letting her come with him.

A few years later, Bella Donna sought out Gambit to help fend off the Brood, who were attacking the Guilds. Having persuaded Gambit and the X-Men to come back to New Orleans, they battled the new enemy with the aid of Ghost Rider. Using her new psychic powers, Bella Donna followed Psylocke into the astral plane and expended her energy, before collapsing in Gambit's arms. Believing her dead, he told the Thieves' Guild to take care of her, and went off for revenge against the Brood.

As it happened, Bella Donna wasn't actually dead, but merely in a coma. Gambit risked his life to bring her Candra's Elixir of Life, although while she was catatonic she was accidentally touched by Rogue. She woke up without any recollection of who she was, or who Remy was, and he left her again.

Bella Donna's memory slowly returned, and she felt as if her soul had been violated. Enraged, she kidnapped Rogue's old boyfriend Cody Robbins, once again pitting herself against Gambit. For the third time, he left her behind.

He returned again to New Orleans, ignorant to the multiple hits put up against him in the meantime. Bella Donna herself had taken one of the contracts, though she had no intention of killing him. Instead, she arranged it so that she could meet with him, and sort out the conflicting emotions she had about him. After he was elected Viceroy of the Unified Guild of New Orleans he passed power on to her, and returned to the X-Men. She now rules in his absence, still in love with him.

She entered a relationship with Bandit, a former New Warriors member eerily reminiscent of Gambit. But Bandit was deceiving Belladonna and going behind her back in his quest for power. This all came to light when Gambit came back to town, and Bandit and Belladonna presumably broke up.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Desp'rate?! Y'Don't even know the half of it, chile! An' de name is Bella Donna Boudreaux."
―Bella Donna Boudreaux[src]




Remy LeBeauEdit


Julian BoudreauxEdit

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