Atmokinesis or Weather Manipulation was the ability to manipulate weather conditions and related natural phenomena.


  • Energy Manipulation: The ability to project weather effects through their body (Storm can generate lightning, intense cold, and intense heat, from her hands rather than from the actual atmosphere).
  • Flight: The user is able to fly by riding the wind currents.
  • Air Telekinesis: Enables them to move objects or other people with the wind or create a dome of air pressure to deflect attacks.
  • Weather Resistance: A total immunity to extreme weather conditions and temperatures of heat and cold.
  • Ecological Empathy: Allows the character to sense nature's "emotions" (Storm once sensed the incorrect motion of a hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere).
  • Extraterrestrial Atmokinesis: Users an manipulate weather patterns beyond Earth. Able to summon cosmic storms, solar wind, etc.
  • Earth-Link: A psychic bond between the character and the primal life force of Earth's biosphere.

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